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Re: Late night work?

Chris Roth wrote:
> Carl,
> >You can do what I did any time...I finally gave in and gave "Philly Tim"
> >$275 for it.  New ones are $400+
> Another reason why I think Philly Tim is a loser.  I e-mailed him two
> months ago about dash pads and he said he would contact me when he got
> another one.  He obviously did not and sold it to someone else (you).  Oh
> well, at least you got it. Later.

Nah, check it out.  I did the transaction months ago.  I still haven't
gotten it because the one he finally got had black showing through the
gray, and he told me if I waited a couple more weeks he'd get me a
perfect one to make up for the wait.  We'll see...it's been VERY slow.
I did finally get my wheels a few weeks ago, though.  Otherwise I'd
be worried that I was going to lose my money.  The wheels were exactly
what he described...it just took a LONG time.