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Re: SVO: Road Trippin

** Reply to note from Parker7603@aol.com  Mon, 24 Nov 1997 16:07:57 -0500 (EST)
> My favorite trip is the Ortega Highway from I-5 to Lake Elsinore in So
> Cal. Not only is the road challenging, the scenery is fantastic. The SVO
> only makes the drive better. However, I found out that while
> concentrating on driving and cornering, a BMW bike blowing your doors off
> can scare the h*** out of you!!!..(Where'd HE come from????)
> Dwayne Parker Red '86
Nah, If your from southern California and know about the Ortega Highway,
then you should know about GMR. ABSOLUTELY Fantastic. It's about 15 miles
of Space Moutain (Disneyland). Nicely banked tight turns, smooth enough for
our cars and rarely traveled. Best bet for this road is 3:00 AM in the
morning. All the drunks and horny teenagers have allready gone home for the

This is the road by which I judge all cars that handle well, and the road
that brought me love the SVO's. 'Fact is, it cost me a set of tires after a
run both ways :-O

Have Fun...


Mark Field