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SVO: Turbo Magazine sucks

   Upon reading the new issue of Turbo I noticed a couple of things.  1) The
Buicks guys complained and bitched about no Buick articles, guess what one of
the writers just acquired a T-Type, so here comes another project car and
they are going to feature a lot of Buick GN's, T-Types in the upcoming
issues.  Just to show if we get together and write some e-mails to these
guys, showing how upset we are, maybe they will recognize us too.  It is
obvious, that cheap 2.3li turbo vechicles can be acquired and modded  (that
was there reason in buying the Buick).  2)  The new Quick 8 rules do not
allow import engine in a domestic car, obviously this one was made with Joe
Morgan in mind.  This pissed me off.  It's bad enough they completely ignore
the 2.3li turbo Fords and on top of that purposely rule out this Pinto that
has got those 30K Honda's crying.  I think Mike Ferrara has a thing against
2.3li turbo Fords.  So why don't we gather up and let them have it?