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For Sale:

Got a few things for sale here....
8.8 3.55 gears and trac-loc diff  		$140
8.8 Trac loc diff(includes free 3.08's)		$50

Or trade this stuff for:
NOS parts(soleniods, fogger nozzles, etc)
T5 blow proof bellhousing

Of course I realize depending on what you may have I would have to pay
something..i dont expect someone to trade me 'even up' a scattersheild for
an old trac loc with 3.08's... 


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-71 Pinto, stock 2.3 turbo, 13.67@98, radials
	8.1@85 1/th mile on slicks
	Big intercooler ON!
	T4 Compressor soon to be on!

-85 Merkur, let the modding begin!