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Re: SVO: Turbo Magazine sucks

FFASTSVO@aol.com wrote:

> The new Quick 8 rules do not
> allow import engine in a domestic car, obviously this one was made with Joe
> Morgan in mind.

This has been mentioned before, but Joe or someone else that wants to
attend these events NEEDS to get a cheap XR4Ti.  If the IRS can't be
made to work, put a standard rear end in it.  The beauty of Joe's
setup is that he's been able to do it cheaply, if they also rule out
dual power adders it might take some bucks to kick their butts without
N2O (although I still think it could be done for half what they are
spending on the Hondas).

On a side note, I just wanted to publicly state that I believe Scott
is correct on the 3" downpipe not helping much without changing the
cat-back too.  The expansions chamber concept makes sense, except that
the volume increase wouldn't be enough to make much difference, just
like Scott said (and did the math to show).  Fluid flow through a
pipe is just like electricity flowing through a series of electrical
components.  If you've got a 5 ohm resistor (the downpipe), and then
a 50 ohm resistor (the cat), and then a 10 ohm resistor (the muffler)
and then another 5 ohm resistor (the rest of the pipe), that's 70 ohms
total.  Reduce the resistance in the downpipe from 5 ohms to 2, and
you've only reduced the total resistance to 67 ohms from 70, or about
a four percent drop in resistance.  That's not enough to justify the
expense unless you take out the big plugs first, in this example the
cat.  Of course, I'm just pulling these numbers out of my butt (someone
would have to flow bench every component to get exact numbers), but I
believe that the proportional resistances are along the lines I've