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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #26

Hi Monty et al

>the whole progressive rate spring deal is widely misunderstood....When
>you lower any car significantly you must also increase the total
>bum-rates of the vehicles suspension to provide adequate trravel control


>PS lowering any MacPherson strut car without raising the lower control
>arm pivot points and significantly increasing rollstiffness
>(bars/springs) will always result in increased body roll due to reduced
>roll center height.  CERTAINLY consider the physice behind chassis
>changes before you make them..The SVO was a fairly well engineered
>effort from the factiry considering the budget constraints.

Thanks for the info and offer Jonathan,

Luckily, the car handles absolutly flawlessly, it sticks to curves like it
was on a rail and totally flat.  It is just that I don't care for the
reduced spring travel and resultant harder dampening.  I was misinformed
about how much stiffer the ride was going to be.  Truthfully, the "Grin
Factor" is really high right now; when that fades some over the years, I
might go back to my original springs... but probably not.