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SVO: Suspension Mods (formerly "Cutting up and '85)

I just wanted to quote an article dated May 1993 by Michael Langstaff of
Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.  They wanted to build a Mustang for
"Autocross" style handling.  Wisely they chose an 86SVO and got it to pull
"1.19g on a 300 ft. skid pad, with peaks up to 1.29g."

Here's the mods they performed:
1. BF Goodrich R1 tires
2. Autopower Roll Cage
3. Revalved Koni Shocks and Struts
4. Adjust Shock towers for negative Camber
5. A five point harness seat to hold the driver in the car....

There were a bunch of small mods that I will transcribe if the interest is
high enough... my interest (just kidding).