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SVO: XR racing, and downpipes...

> This has been mentioned before, but Joe or someone else that wants to
> attend these events NEEDS to get a cheap XR4Ti.  

In time, in time...
There are several XRs being built, that I know of, that should be able to
hold their heads up at the track.

> On a side note, I just wanted to publicly state that I believe Scott
> is correct on the 3" downpipe not helping much without changing the
> cat-back too.  

Except, that experience shows that it works.  And what is "much"?  7-10 HP?
 Tell that to people who spend $200 on a ignition that gets em 2 maybe 3

I have one, and it works, I know.

If you don't have one, you cannot know.  

There must be more at work here, than theories can explain.

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