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Funny thing happenned last night...

I've been driving the pinto to school this last week...I stop at the
Mobil station near the campus to get some gas on the way home last

On the next island, there's this group of guys gathered around a blue
(DOHC VTEC-transplanted) Civic hatchback, carrying boxes of Greddy parts,
a Sportsman Fogger kit and an exhaust system from the Civic to this Safari
van parked on the other side of the island.  Anyways, being always on the
lookout for new customers, I hit them up to see if they wanted to buy some
K&N stuff...

...a couple of them started staring hard at the Pinto (with the nozzle
running from the super unleaded pump)..."Heeeyyyyy...THAT's thhhhh...."

"I thought that was just a trailer queen"  

Me: "Nope -- any of the other 'Quick-8' cars get driven to school?"  "And
they won't let me run it anymore"

My point:

These guys didn't give a crap where the fenders were made -- they were
DEEP into Honda stuff and they still like my car.  I think Ferrara "et
al" are dead wrong.