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Re: SVO: unpper biplane spoiler supports

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> I noticed in the photos put up by Ronald Larson (thanks  alot Ron ,your
> effors are much appreciated, all the articles are great. I now have
> copies of all the ones I have missed) on
> http://Dev.dms2.com/svo/photos/bud_m/svo.jpg  that the cars in the
> pictures had supports on the upper spoiler to stop it  from sagging in
> the middle. Has anyone else done this and if so how?
> Dennis.
> 84 SVO, Silver


That's my 86 on the left and I purchased the supports from the owner of
the other 86 (far right). His name is Steve Pritchard from Indina (SVOOA
Indiana Rep). He makes them from some type of airplane wing flap strut.
You could try calling Steve at (317) 787-8556. Last time I spoke with
him, he didn't have anymore...and finding the parts was getting
harder....but maybe the prospect of selling a few will get him
modivated...I still need some for the 85' I'm working on. Both my car's
bi-wings are straight, but the supports help them from the possibility
of sagging.

I met a guy from Atlanta that had made his own after seeing some Steve
had made...btw, he worked for a Airplane Co. also....but his didn't look
as 'factory' as the ones Steve made.

P.S. Thanks again Ron for posting the pics...more are coming.

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E