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SVO: Firewall adjustable clutch kit and quadrant

Dear Listmembers,
	In the never ending quest to get my clutch pedal to a bit lower
height, I came across an ad in the Nov. MM&FF (page 258) for a firewall
adjustable clutch quadrant from Unlimited Performance out of Delray Bch,
Fl.  I am not familiar with this company, but the picture shows the
mechanism to be identical to the one Forte Motorsports came out with
earlier in the year.  	
	Essentially, you disconnect your cable from the quadrant and then
replace the old plastic quadrant and pawl with their billet quadrant.  The
stock clutch cable is pulled out the firewall in to the engine bay.  The
firewall adjuster sits in the hole where the white stock plastic piece
was.  The cable then inserts through a second billet piece that screws
into the piece in the firewall.  Thus, you can adjust your pedal height
under the hood, rather than from under the car, and still use the stock
cable and linkage at the throwout arm.  
	The cost is $79.95.  If we get 10 orders the price drops to 60. 
20 orders the price is 50 bucks.  If there is interest, please let me
know.  They also have stainless steel shifter bushings, a la Saleen for
$16.95.  I don't know about that price, but the adj. quadrant kit is a
good price even at about $80.   
	I am not affiliated with this Co..  Their phone is 561-279-0179.  
I am just looking for holiday gifts for us SVO drivers.
	Again, if there is interest in a group purchase, I would be happy
to coordinate it.

Jon Bekenstein
84 SVO, 1C, TC IC, Saleen G-load brace, Borgsen steering shaft, Koni quads
added (traction bar delete), Jacobs coil, Motorsports wires, synthetic
fluids, center inlet 2-chamber flowmaster, original paint, 86 flush
headlights, poly steering rack and end link bushings