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Re: SVO: Turbo Magazine sucks

>2)  The new Quick 8 rules do not allow import engine in a domestic car,
>obviously this one was made with Joe Morgan in mind.  This pissed me off.
It's >bad enough they completely ignore the 2.3li turbo Fords and on top of
that >purposely rule out this Pinto that has got those 30K Honda's crying.
I think >Mike Ferrara has a thing against 2.3li turbo Fords.  So why don't
we gather up >and let them have it?

        Well.....  Look at his build codes.  Alot of Pinto's were built in
Brazil along with the engines, right?  Just use a Pinto built in Brazil.
Someone told me this before, and I believe it's correct, but not absolutely
sure.  I think Joe should go to the track with his car and say, "HEY, if you
won't let me race, then flag every single one of those late `80-up Honda
Civics!  They can't race either because the engines were built in Japan, but
the car was built in Indiana!"  Most all late `80-up Honda's are built by
'American' workers, in 'American' factories, in Indiana.  I guess they're
disqualified too.
    Turbo's rules are bullshit.  They are just pissed becuase a Pinto that
costs less than $5k (alot less I think) is smearing those $30k Honda's all
over the track.  BUT, since most of those Honda's are sponsered by Turbo's
advertisers, they're getting a bit "peaved".
                                                Bug Bug

BTW- Just wait till my Pinto is done.  My brother lives in CA and I'll take
a drive out there to smear some "Quick 8" cars myself.
  And no offense Joe, but I'd like to beat you to :)