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Re: Svo bushings

> http://www.capecod.net/mustang/page4.htm

Never dealt with them...

The prices are OK.  You can probably buy this Energy Suspension stuff
locally, too.  I can in several places.  It's a lot easier to find these
days than it was in the 80s.  The product is good, and worth the money. 
Try rack bushings for a surprising, pleasant increase in road feel.

Only one warning...
Their rear control arm bushings' price is a big chunk of what I paid for
for my HP Motorsports upper and lower arms.  And the arms give me; reduced
brake dive, and higher tire planting forces, which the bushings would not. 
The stock arms flex like crazy too, not just the soft bushings.  

So you gonna spend $120 or $400?  I can't even remember how much it was

BTW, PepBoys now carries various endlinks, in stock, on the shelf, with
poly bushings for under $20, 
What *a* bahrgun!

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