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TC IC on unmodified 84 SVO--Easy fit, less detonation

> By the way, what mods did you do to warrant the TC Intercooler -- and what
> was the result -- I'm thinking with my ported & polished top-end, I would
> benefit from this.
> Thanks,
> Jim

The TC IC was obtained at a local junkyard for $25.  I put it in when I
decided to repaint my stock IC.  I used VNT wrinkle paint, and it looks
pretty good, by the way.  I had also obtained the upper and lower intake
manifolds from that 88 TC, and its fuel injectors and fuel rail.  
	I intended to get the SVO 86 fuel rail (still available), and get
an 86 computer (any one have one for sale?), then was informed that I need
to drill another hole in my cyl. head to fit the newer style intake.  So,
no 86 computer and no hole drilled.   Not yet, anyway. 
	Added the TC IC.  Fits perfectly.  I can't tell any difference,
really, except for less detonation with sustained boost levels.  This may
only be due to a cleaner core.  Meantime, my stock IC sits pretty in a box
in garage.  The stock IC is better looking, better machined, I think.
	I plugged the vacuum tree hole at the front of the TC IC with a
brass screw from a local parts store for 50 cents.
	My exhaust manifold is cracked.  I have a new one that I ported
with a dremel tool.  It awaits installation.
	The mod that feels the most effective is the center inlet
2-chamber flowmaster I installed 6 yrs ago.  It, too, is starting to show
signs of rust through.  It's not too loud, was cheap, and a Walker dual
chrome tip easily fit to the stock hangers.  
	When it finally rusts through, I will get either one of the Borla
from the SoCal SVOOA or a OEM replacement through SVOOA in the near future.
Might consider another flowmaster if the new aluminized ones are less prone
to rust.  
	I really like the feel of the solid steering shaft on the 84 TRW,
"slow" steering rack.  Less slop and a bit more on center feel than with
the stock rubber donut.  Kaufman's bolt right in.
	G-load (lower k-member brace) from Saleen is a well-made piece,
bolts in in less than 15 minutes, and at least "feels" like fast turning
is more precise.  Got it last year at  X-mas on sale for $29.  I think
they are about $69 regularly.
	The Koni quads are hugely better than the traction bar setup in
terms of keeping the rear axle in line when you hit a bump in a curve. 
Like night and day.  My conversion kit, no longer available from Ford
Motorsport came with the GT "freon bag" quads, still installed on the
factory GTs, made by Maremont (makers of the Cherry Bomb muffler).  The
maremonts lasted less than 15K miles, and didn't work nearly as well as
the Konis.

	Both firewall clutch adjusters should fit any pre 94 mustang with
a clutch.  The one I just posted about is 10 dollars less than a Forte.

Jon Bekenstein