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Re: SVO: XR racing, and downpipes...

Jakedawg97@aol.com wrote:
> Why all the talk about exhaust systems ? The rule of thumb for any
> turbocharged car is to put on the biggest, most free flowing exhaust system
> your ears and pocketbook can handle.

Yup, the question is whether there's any point to putting a 3" downpipe
on an otherwise stock system.

> I replaced the aftermarket 2.5in system in my 85, with a custom 3in mandrel
> bent.....all the way out the back. BIG increase in power.

Cool.  How good was the 2.5" sytem?  Was it mandrel bent, and were its
cat and muffler as good as the ones on the 3" system?

> I installed a 3in downpipe in my 86 and bolted it up to my stock Y pipe and
> factory mufflers. There was an increase in power........but not nearly as
> dramatic as going all the way out the back with 3in.

Exactly.  Did you actually get any numbers as to what the small increase
was?  It's easy for extra noise and/or a lighter wallet to add a little
to the perception of speed ;-).

> When I have the extra cash, i'm going to finish the 86 with 3in single all
> the way out.

And you should see a big gain at that point.

> Asphault Jungle Racing makes 3in mandrel bent pieces to go over the axle,
> along with 3in LX style tailpipe............but you have to take it to a
> muffler shop and have them make it fit.........NO WAY is the weekend mechanic
> going to make it fit

Yeah 3" over the axle is ugly.  I know at least one list member who's
had it done, though.  I took the red-neck way out and just turned it
down at the end of the muffler.