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SVO: Noise from FMS roller or something.

When I got my car it had the FMS roller cam installed in it and set at 0.  I
noticed something was making noise in the valve train like a "clack, clack
...".  I kinda figured this could be normal.  Well I guess it isn't.  After
I heard Mike Ray's car with the same cam set 4 deg. adv..  His car's valve
noise was much quieter than mine.  The other things that may factor in is
that I have a big valve head, a hi vol.. oil pump and 10w30 oil.

I would like anyones advice on what I should check or do to make this thing
quiet.  I would like to get a good idea of what I should be looking for
before I start taking things apart.


Carl Haines
86 clack S clack V clack O