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Re: SVO: Firewall adjustable clutch kit and quadrant

>  Doesn't the BBK or other 5.0 adj. cable units come with a new cable too? I
>think I need a new cable, more than adjusting it. 

        Yes, it does.  BUT, the BBK and others use an adjustable cable.  The
end of the cable that goes into the clutch fork has a threaded rod on the
end that uses a jam nut for adjustment.  You must crawl under the car with a
pair or wrenches to adjust it.  This firewall kit lets you just pop the hood
and adjust the stock cable.  Also, with this set-up, if your cable goes bad
again, you just buy a stock replacement cable.  With the others, you must
get the special cable which is more expensive than a stock one.
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