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Re: lifters and rockers

> Joe,
> Do you have a preference on brands of rockers and lifters?

For rockers, I just use whatever I get the the parts store...I have the
FMS lifters, though.

 Do you use the
> stock type lifters or the Motorsports ones? What is with the Motorsport
> ones anyway? Do they bleed down faster or something?

I think that's basically the deal...they have a little bit looser
clearance.  When I was doing all the checking over at Web-am, I bled all 8
down...it seemed quite a bit easier than I remembered, but it's been a
long time.

 I have been using the
> stock lifters with my cam (Engle TCS-55H) and springs with no problems
> except for the occasional lifter knock for a couple minutes upon startup
> in below 10 degree weather (that's 10 degrees Farenheit :). 

I wouldn't doubt that yo have a little lifter noise in 10 degree
weather...Mine does it when I go up to Palmdale in the winter, and it's
"only" like 20 or 30. ;)  BBBBRRRRRRRRRR!

On a different note...One thing I've been "discussing" with my
roundy-rounder friends lately is the oil pump deal.  The two guys I know
(one a "mid-packer" and the other is like the Dale Earnhart of the Ponys)
are adamant that running a HV pump with hydraulics will cause problems.

Ed (who's on Dave's list...I'm gonna get him on here too) says he's
actually "blown up" lifters -- the plunger and rocker were completely
blown out of the hole!  I think I'm gonna try out a standard pump in the
new shortblock I'm doing...Danny (my engineer friend) says that the stock
pump has more volume tan any V8 pump he's ever seen...

What the hell, I haven't lost a bearing yet...never even seen one go
away...might as well try it, right?

Talk to you later,