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SVO: Mustang Memorabilia

Quick question for someone out there that might know...
While helping a friend's parents move out of their house today, I stumbled
across a cardboard poster tube that was on its way to the trash.  I opened
it and found a 16"x 20" color photograph on Kodak paper of a red, white,
and blue Mustang (maybe '86 vintage?) road race car that is signed by
Scott Pruett and Bruce Jenner.  I have vague recollections of seeing this
car but since it was over 10 years ago it is a little hazy.  Does anyone
out there know anything about it, like what season and what series it
raced, powerplant, etc.  This car should be from the same era as our SVOs
so it seemed like a pretty cool find.  Any answers off list would be much
John (on my way to by a picture frame)

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