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SVO: Fw: [M] XR/TC IC conversion

Forwarded with permission from Rick Byrnes,  Merkur Man!

> >  I have yet to see a drag race Merkur, including mine, go faster than 
> >I would love to hear from anyone that has gone faster  than 13s in a
> >because I could use their guidance.
> I'm sorry you havent heard about my car, our successes of the last five
> of competetion, and the contributions I have made to IMON in the interest
> spreading the word of how to handle our beloved 2.3L turbo engines.  (it
> all in the archives)
> 11.53 best ET 1.51 second 60 foot times with Chuck Watson driving
> 120 MPH best MPH  (this was done with a T3)
> This same combination went 186 MPH at Bonneville in 1991.
> Standing start 1 mile 174.757 MPH record, Maxton NC -  ECTA 1994
> 200.310 MPH flying mile at Bonneville 199.036 MPH Record. 1995
> No production based 2.3 XR4, TBird, or SVO Mustang has gone quicker or
> faster. in a quarter, 1 mile or 5 miles.
> Joes light weight Pinto in quick 8 is undoubtedly quicker,  and if we can
> remember a few years back when Bob Corn had a sub 8 second NHRA Pinto
> eventually started the infamous Buddy Ingersol on the turbo trend that
led to
> Pro Stock with the Buick V6's.
> Please feel free to visit our web page that Roland Zuk has so expertly
> constructed.
> By the way, the Ford Pinto was never imported from Brasil as members of
> SVO list have indicated.  Nor was the Pinto ever available with an engine
> that originated in Brasil.  While the Taubate Engine Plant was producing
> these engines for their own market none were imported until the 19831/2
> 2.3 was sourced there.  At the time Lima Engine Plant wanted nothing to
> with EFI.  Nor did they want anything that had less than 50K units per
> I'm not even sure the Pinto was produced in Brasil.  When I started
> there in 1986 I remember many local Mavericks, but not many, if any
> I think the important thing here that you have pointed out is that if
> really wants to compete in the Quick 8 it needs to be an XR4 or Cosworth
> Sierra, but I have reservations about the acceptability of a car never
> imported into the US in volume.
> We know that properly built engines can be durable enough and we also
> that upwards of 500 HP can be made and live with almost all production
> components.
> Hell Corn proved that years ago with his junk yard throw away engines.
> If one of us wants to compete in quick 8 we will have to figure out how
> make the IRS work.  Their new rules do not allow a change of rear axles.
> That leaves the RX7 as the real top dog and there is no way tha Hondas
> beat a turbocharged rotary with any number of power adders.  It's only
> before the Mazda is outlawed.  (well it's a pseudo Ford, isn't it)  :=)
> I agree that it seems that Turbo Magazine  seems to be partial to Honda's
> the Japanese imports, but look at the majority of cars with turbos.  The
> OEM's have all but abandoned the turbo supercharger.   The Asian
> manufacturers on the other hand embrace it as the device to make a very
> engine perform as a much larger displacement engine that will still
> excellent economy and emissions characteristics. (other than Nox). 
> how much of the Calif market is Asian imports, and look at the quality of
> some of those racing machines.  They are wonderful examples of the good
> American Ingenunity, engineering, planning, and technical excecution.  I
> would be proud to be associated with some of the machines we have seen in
> Turbo, and without this magazine what would you see that represents
> performance.  Nothing!!!!!!
> Be carefull what you wish for...........................you might get
> it....................
> Looking at the difference between front and rear wheel drive in launch
> characteristics, there still is a large disparaty.  (you just can't beat
> laws of physics) and the organizers are compelled to provide some kind of
> equalizer.  Either outlaw the guy with an advantage or adjust weight
> to provide some equity.  They might even end up with displacement vs
> just like NHRA.  Gee I wonder.....................
> do you suppose that they might make the RX7 weigh 3800 #?
> Sorry to preach guys, I just couldn't sleep early this morning and had to
> punish someone.
> Respectfully
> Rick Byrnes

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