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Re: SVO: Exhaust systems and downpipes

Mp23cc@aol.com wrote:

> <Lots of "up to" gains>

I don't trust "up to" gains because there's so many ways that
they can be manipulated.

> <...this is why every 2.3 turbo needs a 3'' downpipe...>

> Even if you only make 1hp more by going to a 3'' downpipe, the
> greater lowend torque is worth much more then the cost of the downpipe. Like
> I said before, theories and charts are great to look at , but sometimes they
> should be kept for bathroom reading only. You can spend days and nites doing
> all the math you want. Or you can build the products and do the testings.

I've got ONE project, and that's my own car.  All I KNOW is that most
of my gains came from getting rid of the stock cat.  My three inch
downpipe did not generate large gains in horsepower or torque or boost
speed.  It DID generate small gains, as my "bathroom reading" would
suggest.  If I had it to do over again, I'd do a GOOD 2.5" system
to keep the noise down and make the packaging easier.  I have faith
that I would not be giving up more than 5 horsepower, and I'd bet
money it would be less.  There's only so much horsepower available
from exhaust changes.  My suggestion to anyone doing their exhaust
would be to do the whole thing.  At least then you'll see as much
gain as possible for the money you are spending.  A big downpipe
will become more of an advantage when you get rid of the restrictions
after it...