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SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

To add to this;

> Rapido claim's that the Borla dual exhaust is good for upto 20hp over
> They claim that the single exhaust is good for upto 10hp over stock. 

Somewhere, the single Borla for a Merkur was proven to be better than the
dual Borla for a Merkur.  And Nick's experience just substantiated that. 
The man does have lots of experience on XRs.

> We do not sell a downpipe for the SVO so I am not
> trying to make a sale, other companies do sell them 

to kill a thread before it starts...
The Classic Corral 3" downpipe for SVOs is only like $140 or so.  This is a
nice piece.  It goes back to the muffler inlet, eliminating the cat.  It 's
a great start if you want to put a cat in it.  It should also fit turbo
Coupes, but I'm not positive.

I'm really curious to hear from anybody who has the ATR downpipe that
replaces the elbow, too.  That's big $$$ after you get the (necessary)
replacement wastegate.

Along the same lines, I don't want people to get hung up on what works
best.  Obviously we all want to know what works and fits best, but don't
think that you HAVE to have it.  Everybody's car is their own.

I'm putting a stock 88 TC downpipe and cat on my SVO, with a 2.5 muffler
and a 2.5 inch tailpipe.  I'm doing this cuz I'm cheap and this is a cheap
way to do it.  What I learn, will help those who are also cheap.  This
information is just as valid.  And if funds are tight, then it's probably
the only way some people will ever get an improvement.  When I want to go
further, then I will improve it and see if it helps.

I have Nick's DP on my 88 Merkur, with the remaining stock exhaust.  I got
a dual Borla (cheap), and I'm gonna put that on.  But I'm not going for max
power on that car, and I like the look and sound of the dual Borla.

So to each his own, but not at the expense of increased group knowledge. 
And keep searching for maximum knowledge, but not at the expense of YOUR

There's more than one way for these things to be fast, and I don't want
anyone to become discouraged because they can't afford a new gee-wiz whammy
knob :)

Gobble Gobble!

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