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SVO: Woodbridge Dynotech

As some of you already know, we (SmartWorx Solutions) were building the
Woodbridge Dyntoech web site.  It's now finished, and a nice site to visit,
with a discussion forum, and lots of links.

Also, the results of installing an Engle 55 cam in Chris Thomason's 87XR,
with before and after dyno sheets, is online under; "Dynotech Shop", "Case

If you're in the Mid Atlantic region, this is the nicest Dynojet facility I
know of.  It's also very convenient to I-95, being about two blocks off of
it, just 20 miles south of D.C.

BTW, the late model Impala SS club will be there December 13th, and we
should have some exciting photos, video footage, and dyno sheets soon


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