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SVO: Import Drags

Theres been alot of talk about Joe Morgans Pinto, an XR would be cool but it
would be easier to put a 2.3 Turbo into a Capri. A couple of years ago I
bought one for 300 bucks in pretty good shape. They are a import and they are
really light, have a solid diff and cheap. Looks like a Capri is the way to
go in that class.

BTW, Thanks Gary Morrell for the ride on Sunday!  Gary has THE SHO in the
region if not the country. It sure would be nice to see more 2.3 T cars at
the local Autocross events (My TC was the only one and I wasn't running),
next one in the Denver area is at Stapleton on Dec. 7th. See ya there!

Rich Stark