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Re: SVO: Import Drags -- European Capris?

At 01:54 PM 11/27/97 -0500, AKLARION@aol.com wrote:
>Theres been alot of talk about Joe Morgans Pinto, an XR would be cool but it
>would be easier to put a 2.3 Turbo into a Capri. A couple of years ago I
>bought one for 300 bucks in pretty good shape. They are a import and they are
>really light, have a solid diff and cheap. Looks like a Capri is the way to
>go in that class.


Interesting idea...never heard that one before. The Capri IIs (1975-on) had
the 2.3 as the standard engine with the 2.6 and 2.8 as options, depending
upon year (1971-74 versions had the 1600, 2000, or 2600) so one might think
the turbo 2.3 would be a natural fit. 

I loved my '71 2000 -- problem is even though the engine was German; the
electrical was English -- Lucas (eeeccch!). And everthing that would rot on
it -- upholstery, trim, etc. was hard to find replacements. 

It was small, agile, and probably as light as a Pinto....and didn't have
power steering. The Capri IIs were a little more refined, and the European
versions were quite sophisticated themselves with their fuel-injected V6s
-- lovely cars.

You may actually have hit on something with this idea....

Jim Dvorak
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