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Re: SVO: Import Drags -- European Capris?

> Interesting idea...never heard that one before. The Capri IIs (1975-on)

> You may actually have hit on something with this idea....

Capris also rusted like pigs.  I heard a vicious rumour that some parts
warehouse burned down and it was very hard to find important parts, but
I've had several people deny the rumour, so...

My Mom had a 72 2600 automatic and it was very nice.  Unfortunately, they
also had points type ignitions and it wouldn't start in the rain.  So being
a signle Mom with a job to get to, she sold it and bought a Pacer.  I hated
her for years over that, until I drove the Pacer.  It was actually a cool
car, once you were inside looking out and not looking *at* it.

Power rack and pinion steering, PDB, and 4.0 liters worth of torque.  It
had a turning radius that was VERY small, too.  With it's ridiculously low
2.37 rear end ratio, it would crusie at 100 MPH all day long.  And no cop
ever looked twice at it. She overheated it and threw a rod :(  She had the
nicest one I've ever seen, cuz her boyfriend bought it new and got EVERY

Hopping up the Capri 2.6 was tres expensive, you needed an Offy 2 piece
manifold and a Holley 390, a cam, and an exhaust.  Had a C-3 like the
Merkurs.  They also came with plastic timing gears that would self
destruct. :(  I saw lots of Colgne V-6s in British junkyards with rod exit
holes in the block.  A 5.0 BARELY fits these cars cause of double a arm
front suspension. The 2.3 would be a natural in this car.  

IF you can find a nice one that ain't rusty.  I have been half heartedly
looking for years, and have never found one.

There was a Chicaog Capri club web page, but the link broke months ago...

ah, who wants to compete with fools and their Hondas anyway.

enough drivel from me...

Hey Jim, "next week" has been three weeks now, what's up MustangSVO.ORG?

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