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SVO Wheels -- Was: Re: SVO: Import Drags -- European Capris?

At 04:11 PM 11/27/97 -0500, MMondrone@aol.com wrote:
>Hi all,  Are our SVO wheels aluminum or magneseium? Thanks Mark

Standard equipment SVO wheels are 16" x 7" aluminum (big for the time --
probably only Corvette had wheels larger at this time). 

The surface is "grooved" and the slots rough cast and then the entire wheel
was clearcoated.

This is the only way they came.

Many people have since polished or chromed them. Some have painted the
"slots" to accent or match the body paint.

They can be stripped and re-clearcoated (contact me for details) or there
are places that will repair them and make them look like new.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jim Dvorak
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