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Re: SVO: stroker engines

>a while back there was talk about stroking the 2.3, and some people said that
>that was unneccesary since we have turbocharged engines, but a stroker engine
>would give you power down low, right? sport compact car is rebuilding a turbo
>mr2 engine and they stroked it to boost the non-aspirated part of the engine,
>so that when they put the boos on it will work much better, or that is what i
>got out of it.. the issue is the january 1998 issue.....
        Yes and No.  Stroking an engine creates a longer stroke (obviously).
Well, the longer the stroke, the harder it is to push the piston back down
quickly.  With a turbo, with how fast the boost builds pressure, it can
actually slow down the piston as it is trying to rise.  The 2.3 has a fairly
long stroke as it is.  The MR2 has a short enough stroke that stroking it
will help, but thet're probobly only stroking it a little.
        Now, I may be wrong on this, but this is how it was explained to me
about 2 years ago when I called Esslinger (NOT ETS) about building a 3.0L
turbo (srtoked 2.3).  They said it would just be better to make the 2.3L
bottom end stronger and run a butt-load of boost.
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