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Re: SVO: Import Drags

>Theres been alot of talk about Joe Morgans Pinto, an XR would be cool but it
>would be easier to put a 2.3 Turbo into a Capri. A couple of years ago I
>bought one for 300 bucks in pretty good shape. They are a import and they are
>really light, have a solid diff and cheap. Looks like a Capri is the way to
>go in that class.

        About 5 years ago, I used to street race a `75 Capri with a 2.8L
that had open headers, Offy intake, Holley 390, Accel coil, 4 spd, and a
stock open rear with mid 3 something gears.  Once it FINALLY got traction,
somewhere around mid-second gear, it hauled ass.  These cars were light,
handled good, and were fun.  Unfortunately, they were prone to rust, BAD.
Mine had rotten strut towers, the cowl was non-existant, and the floorboards
had "ventilation".  I wound up junking it when I hit a pothole at around
100mph and the right front strut came through the hood and I did a 720*.
Not fun.
        Either way, the point of all this is that I thought about using the
Capri instead of the Pinto too, but there's a few problems.  Number one, is
that I can't seem to find a rust free (or even close to it) body.  I know of
three companies that make performance parts for these cars such as roll
cages, suspension parts, etc.  Main drawback is the driveshaft and rear.
The driveshaft is a 2-piece unit that has "non-servicable" U-joints and
support bearing.  Ford does not make the driveshaft anymore, and a new
"aftermarket replacement unit" is well in excess of $200.  You'll need to
have a one-pice unit custom made since the stock ones have very weak
components.  I broke 2 in the 8 months I owned my car and had to get
junkyard replacements.  As for the rear, it is I believe a 6.75" ring gear
that was never available in the US with a posi.  You can get a posi unit
(limited slip) from Germany for a mear $800.  And then, you can replace it
every couple of months when you break it.  I had planned on trying to
install an 8" rear as parts are more plentiful.  I thought about a 9", and
having it narrowed, but it has too much parasitic drag for 4-cyl
applications.  If I can find a rust free body, I may try it again with a
Capri.  I'm going to CA in January, so maybe I'll stop in AZ or NM and try
to find a good body.  We'll see what happens.  I just wanna show those
"Quick 8" pricks that Ford still rules.
                                                Bug Bug