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SVO: TPS Problems

Cameron Bush@TRANSALTA
27/11/97 03:17 PM

I subscribed to the SVO list about four weeks ago. Thanks, Dave, for
providing this way of exchanging info! This is my first post.

I've owned my '86 SVO for 7 years and have gone through at least one TPS
per year. Why? If I do an ohm check using a DVOM with the TPS disconnected,
I usually find a zero reading somewhere in the range of 1.4kohm. I bought a
new TPS last weekend and it had this zero point right out of the box.
Shouldn't a good TPS increase smoothly from about 600 ohms to 3800 ohms
with no zero points in between?

If TPSs have been discussed at length previously, please just reply
offlist. TIA for your help.