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Re: SVO: TPS Problems

Subj:	Re: SVO: TPS Problems
Date:	11/27/97
To:	Cameron_Bush@transalta.com

In a message dated 97-11-27 17:16:23 EST, you write:

<< If TPSs have been discussed at length previously, please just reply
 offlist. TIA for your help. >>

Cameron or Bush (probably Cameron), i.e. From:	Cameron_Bush@transalta.com,

Most impressive, dude:  

You must have had experience with Lists before.  Am sure you'll have a lucid
and informative response soon.   As for me, I'm taking the opportunity of
being impressed with the above to say I don't even know what the TPS is and
to also say that for all of us who are Ford E(lectronically) E(ngine)
C(ontrolled) challenged but mindful of little details that keep stocker SVOs
NICE, that I did a couple of things over the last couple of weeks that had a
surprisingly saluatary effect on N(oise) V(vibration) and (H)arshness.  This
pretty much only applies to nice tight cars and speaking to SVOs in
particular but probably applies to Turbo Coupes and Merkurs as well.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the effects of lubing your tie rod ends
if you haven't in a while.  Aside from NVH, which really doesn't apply re:
tie rod ends, the lubeing, for even a tight front end, will, if it hasn't
been lubed in a while, respond smilingly to the "tightening".  Also, and
maybe even more importantly from the NVH standpoint, lube your door seals
(weather stripping).  If your cars (SVOs) are like mine, the greatest amount
of squeaking, comes from seals and mostly from the hatch seal.  I use NAPA

Thanks to all you SVO geeks and flowheads for an incredible string over the
last couple of weeks.

Charlie (CHASK@aol.com)