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Re: SVO: stroker engines

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Chris Costanzo wrote:
> >
>         Yes and No.  Stroking an engine creates a longer stroke (obviously).
> Well, the longer the stroke, the harder it is to push the piston back down
> quickly.

I dont know if I understand what you mean.  Th longer the stroke, the
longer the lever the piston has on the flywhel, giving more toque.  But
the piston speed is finite, and with a longer stroke, the piston speed
will be higher for the same RPM of a smaller stroke motor...Thats one of
the reasons smaller motors are considered better for hi rpm.

  With a turbo, with how fast the boost builds pressure, it can
> actually slow down the piston as it is trying to rise.  The 2.3 has a fairly
> long stroke as it is.  The MR2 has a short enough stroke that stroking it
> will help, but thet're probobly only stroking it a little.

I think the thing of it is is cost vs return(been talkin alot aobut that
latley), and foralot less than the cost of doing a stroker bottemend, you
can put on a turbo that will make the car perform jus as good.



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