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SVO: Posting of EEC-IV Document

Tom Cloud has compiled most of the info that the EEC-IV listserver members
have been able to come up with.  This is majorly geeky info, pinouts, chips
used, dis-assemblers, etc.  If you're not close to being an electrical
engineer, it's liable to be over your head, (or maybe not).

Anyhoo, for those that know what this is, and it's importance, I've posted
it on my FTP server.

To get there, go to my Home page below, click on "Link to FTP Site", click
on "Automotive", and then click on "EEC-IV".

BTW, There's a Merkur directory on the way down the directory tree, that
Ken Tidwell is busy filling up, so check back frequently if you are an
XR/Scorp kinda person.


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