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test drove an '87 XR4Ti

Hey all,

Matt Carlson and I test drove an '87 XR4Ti 5-speed yesterday, and boy was
I disappointed. The car was REAL clean and only had 86,000 miles on the
odometer. The interior could have been a lot better off. All the plasticy
pieces and gadgets were broke, and I mean _all_ of them. It seemed to idle
nice, so we took her out onto the interstate. After a short warmup, I
hammered it in first gear getting out into traffic. The boost came up
hard, but the car didn't go anywhere. I shifted into second at 5500 rpm
and the car really fell on its face. What a dog! This thing couldn't have
been running better than 18's. Brought the car back and the salesman said
he was solid at $4600. Ouch!

I would be interested in picking up one of these cars for a daily driver,
but that _have_ to have a little more pickup than this?!? I am urgently
waiting to hear from Scott the next time he takes his to the track to give
me an idea on what to expect from a good-tuned, bone stock XR.

later all,