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  I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have a 87 TC and from
0-55 the car runs fine. But when I get over that, and I'm on a long
stretch the motor starts to run real rough. When I give it more gas the
motor starts shaking real bad. So I immediately let off the gas. As the
motor is going through it's rough stage, I rev it up just a little bit
while the car is coasting. And it sounds like it's running on only 3
cylinders. Could the car be leaning out after it stays at a certain rpm
for a period of time? If I let it idle for a little bit, the car
smoothes out, then is ok until I get over 60 again. I've never had this
problem before but I would like to fix it : )   I'm replacing the
injectors this weekend and hopefully this will take care of the problem.

Two of my injectors are leaking on the outside of the injector. I know
that this problem may be obvious to these injectors leaking, but it did
this before they started to leak. HELP !!!!!!

Oh Yeah,
      One more question, I've heard that if the Firm Ride LED in the
dash ever
starts blinking that it's indicating one of the shocks or struts are
bad. Is
this true? Also is it true that however many times that light is
blinking is the
certain location of the bad Strut or Shock? If so, my LED is blinking in

sessions of 3 .  ---    ---    ---    ---   --- with of course the pause
between. Do you know which one it could be. I would never replace just
one. I
just need to find if it's either the back or front ones.