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Re: SVO wheels

> I assume you got your wheels transferred over ok.  Have you tried the 
> sticky tires yet?

I just switched one tire over.  I didn't bother with the slicks yet.  
I figured I'd just wait til you could do them, since I don't need em 
right away.
> You said this guy had all kinds of wheels, did you see any SVO 
> wheels?  I would be interested in picking all he has. Let me know, we 
> can cruise down there in the Contour (just another reason to drive 
> the car) and check his place out.  Later

I didn't see any SVO wheels.  But I only told him I was looking for 4 
lug Mustang wheels.  So he only showed me 4lug stuff.  He's got rooms 
and rooms of wheels, so he may have em.  I'll surely go just for the 
ride in the car!

> Chris Roth
> 98 Black Contour SVT
> 85 Bright Red SVO
> 86 Silver Metallic SVO
> http://holly.colostate.edu/~caroth
Canaan M. Manley
89 GT w/ 3.73's
VP of Colorado State's Automotive Engineers