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 I have a 87 TC and from
>0-55 the car runs fine. But when I get over that, and I'm on a long
>stretch the motor starts to run real rough. When I give it more gas the
>motor starts shaking real bad. So I immediately let off the gas. As the
>motor is going through it's rough stage, I rev it up just a little bit
>while the car is coasting. And it sounds like it's running on only 3
>cylinders. Could the car be leaning out after it stays at a certain rpm
>for a period of time? If I let it idle for a little bit, the car
>smoothes out, then is ok until I get over 60 again. 

        Sounds to me like either a clogged fuel filter, or a bad fuel pump.
Replace the filter first (easier and cheaper) and see if it helps.  If not,
try replacing the fuel pump (it's in the tank), or have it checked.  Good luck.
                                                Bug Bug