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SVO: Quick 8 Capri

        Hey Everyone,
  After thinking about it, I have decided to build the Capri to compete in
the Quick 8.  Since they won't let us run Pinto's, this is our only choice.
Well, I have have found one local and one in Buffalo NY (I'm in SE PA).  If
anyone here lives near Buffalo that could maybe check this car out for me, I
would REALLY appreciate it.  I would hate to drive all the way up there to
find out it's a rust bucket.
  Now, here's my proposition.  For me to build this myself, it's gonna take
a while, because money is tight.  I am proposing that this be the "Image"
car for the 2.3L turbo club that was discussed being started.  It will
display "Bugz Racing" on the side, and could have the clubs name on it too.
I've already dropped Dave a line, so the car may also display "Turbo Tek
Toys".  Anyone interested in "Donating" parts or services to the
construction of the car, will have their name put on the car too.  The
trunklid will be a huge "Thank you" list with everyones name who helped in
some way.  I know alot of you wanted to see a Ford kill those Honda's, so
here's your chance to help.
  My plans for the car are this.  I already have an `84 TC motor and wiring
harness (the one that was for the Pinto).  I will obtain an `87-88 TC head
and have it seriously massaged (I know where I can get one already).  I will
most likely use Nick's mass air kit on the car too.  Will add late model
ported manifold an a 60mm TB.  Will obtain ported exhaust manifold and a cam
from Dave.  Will need an aluminum flywheel and maybe a clutch.  I have an
FMS clutch, but I don't know if it will be strong enough.  As for the car
itself, I will get the Capri and probobly take it to S&W Race Cars and have
a cage installed and maybe ladder bars to work with the 8" rear I install
(waiting to see if rules allow ladder bars).  Car will be gutted completely
save for a sheetmetal dash, cage and 2 racing buckets (for the occassional
passenger).  I want to make this car as fast as possible while keeping it
street legal (barely).
  Anyone interested in "sponsoring" this car, please contact me off list.
Even great deals on parts or services will be greatly appreciated.  I hope
to have this car ready for the next event.
                                                Bug Bug