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Re: test drove an '87 XR4Ti

On Fri, 28 Nov 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

I was happy jus sittin here reading/deleting a few days of mail, and you
had to go and mention my name......:)
O that reminds me.....there is more tales from the Twilight Zone about 2.3
exhaust on the ohter list I never responded too.....

> Matt Carlson and I test drove an '87 XR4Ti 5-speed yesterday, and boy was
> I disappointed. The car was REAL clean and only had 86,000 miles on the
> odometer. The interior could have been a lot better off. All the plasticy
> pieces and gadgets were broke, and I mean _all_ of them. 

the car actually seems to be a pretty flimsy little peice.....typical
import.  But it has a 2.3, doesn't cost as much as an SVO(but has the cool
style), and doesnt have the weight of a Turbo Coupe....Plus turbo Coupes
seem to always cost a small fortune to get one in half decent shape...

It seemed to idle
> nice, so we took her out onto the interstate. After a short warmup, I
> hammered it in first gear getting out into traffic. The boost came up
> hard, but the car didn't go anywhere.

Sounds a bit like mine....

 I shifted into second at 5500 rpm
> and the car really fell on its face. What a dog! This thing couldn't have
> been running better than 18's.

Blech, maybe not like mine:)

 Brought the car back and the salesman said
> he was solid at $4600. Ouch!
Ooo, only 4000 more than mine:)  So thats what they cost when they have
paint and a decent clutch?:)

> I would be interested in picking up one of these cars for a daily driver,
> but that _have_ to have a little more pickup than this?!? I am urgently
> waiting to hear from Scott the next time he takes his to the track to give
> me an idea on what to expect from a good-tuned, bone stock XR.

Well, I had it at the 1/8th when I had the pinto out last, and clicked off
a blistering 10.4 or something.   I dunno how much I will do to the
Xr...After seeing/feeling the pinto run, and hopping in the Xr, it feels
like I am beating a decrepit horse when I run it...


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