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Re: SVO: Re: Quick 8 Capri

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

Problem with gutting it is I heard the RWD cars with 2 power adders HAVE
to weigh 2700.....but then again, dont say WHERE the weight has to
be....nothin like takin a few hundred pounds off the front and makin up
for it by running a 200lb bulldozer battery:)

> These cars were pretty light to start with.
> I personally would like to see a complete interior in it.  Anybody else?
> > Car will be gutted completely
> > save for a sheetmetal dash, cage and 2 racing buckets (for the
> occassional
> > passenger).  I want to make this car as fast as possible while keeping it
> > street legal (barely).


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