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Re: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> Along the same lines, I don't want people to get hung up on what works
> best.  Obviously we all want to know what works and fits best, but don't
> think that you HAVE to have it.  Everybody's car is their own.
is it april 1st?  thats funny.
I understand that people will make comprimises, but I am not going to
recommend something that is not as good just for the hell of it.  
Only reason I can think of not to buy the best is practicality.
not wanting to offend a freind of mine in the bizz is not a
reason...Theres alot of nice guys selling used cars, but Im not gonna buy
from Mr Nice Guy a yugo for $6000, no matter how nice he is...
You said you dont want ppl to get hung up on whats best.  I would rather
strive to be best.  If you cant afford a decent exhaust now, dont half ass
it, wait, save and do it rite and get what you want...dont settle cuz
people tell you "its good enuff".  Thats why you see alot of guys at the
track with muscle cars running 14's...cuz the tech guy at Summit said 224
duration and a edlebrock performer are the limit for a street 350....

> I'm putting a stock 88 TC downpipe and cat on my SVO, with a 2.5 muffler
> and a 2.5 inch tailpipe.

Why the 2.5 tailpipe? What about the cooling effect and the fact that
factory cars have smaller tailpipes?  Surely if a 2.25" tailpipe is
sufficuent for a car witha  3" DP, it is sufficient for a 2.5 DP.
Sound plausible? it did 2 weeks ago at th beginning of the thread..
> So to each his own, but not at the expense of increased group knowledge. 
> And keep searching for maximum knowledge, but not at the expense of YOUR
> individuality.
That goes both ways.

> There's more than one way for these things to be fast, and I don't want
> anyone to become discouraged because they can't afford a new gee-wiz whammy
> knob :)
> Gobble Gobble!
> Dave
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