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Re: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

Scott climbed up on his fully furnished soapbox, and rambled....

> Only reason I can think of not to buy the best is practicality.

uh, like, I'm cheap, and said so, in the message.  I already have these
parts.  In fact, they were free.
I didn't choose a 2.5" pipe.  It's what was free.  My fault. :)

> not wanting to offend a freind of mine in the bizz is not a
> reason...Theres alot of nice guys selling used cars, but Im not gonna buy
> from Mr Nice Guy a yugo for $6000, no matter how nice he is...

This relates to me trying to explain to you that Nick is a nice guy, and
you not getting it.  So the only conclusion that I can come to, for your
bringing it up, here in a public forum, is that you have an axe to grind
with Nick.  I'm telling you now that I'm sick of it.  Please add to SVO
listowner's knowledge, with your knowledge, and forget about the XR

You have no experience, with the part in question, (Nick's XR 3" downpipe)
and you dogmatically refuse to believe that it works, based on your own
perceptions.   You were wrong about it's construction.  Since I, and
others, have one, and it works, it would seem that you are wrong about it's
improvements, too.  If you want to buy one and attempt to disprove it, feel
free, but I think most people are going to listen to the voices of
experience, not perception.

The original thread started by my saying that, almost half of the horspower
improvement of a free flowing exhaust, would come from the downpipe.  I
still stand by that.
BTW, when the SVO went from single to dual exhaust, the backpressure was
reduced by 50%. The car gained 25 hp along with a lot of other mods, so
maybe only half of the additional hp can be attributed to the new exhaust. 
So don't go expecting fantastic gains from a new exhaust.

> You said you dont want ppl to get hung up on whats best.  I would rather
> strive to be best.  If you cant afford a decent exhaust now, dont half
> it, wait, save and do it rite and get what you want...dont settle cuz
> people tell you "its good enuff".  

That's nuts.  If I took your stance, I'd still have the SVO's stock
intercooler instead of the Turbo Coupe piece until I could afford the
Spearco big intercooler.  I would've missed out on whatever improvements
that part might have given me, in the meantime.  I'm glad I've made every
interim improvement in my car.  

And my changes to my car are done on my schedule and budget, Scott, but
thanks for your opinion.

I also believe that there are people here that are interested in moderate
improvements, at low cost.  I'm not only trying to prove what works, but
also, when something *stops*  working and needs to be improved.  And if I
find out that there is an interim step, that nets 80% of the improvement,
of the *best* part, at a much lower cost, then that's news!

That's one of the reasons that I'm still running the old style intake
manifold, and small injectors, and early computer.  To see WHEN those
historically sneered at components, actually start to limit power.  When
the exhaust is upgraded, it will prove that the exhaust was a restriction. 
Granted, we all knew this, but I've made good improvements while still
having that teeny exhaust. :)

> What about the cooling effect and the fact that
> factory cars have smaller tailpipes?  Surely if a 2.25" tailpipe is
> sufficuent for a car witha  3" DP, it is sufficient for a 2.5 DP.
> Sound plausible? it did 2 weeks ago at th beginning of the thread..

It's not just plausible, it's true.

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