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Re: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> Scott climbed up on his fully furnished soapbox, and rambled....

I got on it after a few others got off...thats all

> > Only reason I can think of not to buy the best is practicality.
> uh, like, I'm cheap, and said so, in the message.  I already have these
> parts.  In fact, they were free.
> I didn't choose a 2.5" pipe.  It's what was free.  My fault. :)
> > not wanting to offend a freind of mine in the bizz is not a
> > reason...Theres alot of nice guys selling used cars, but Im not gonna buy
> > from Mr Nice Guy a yugo for $6000, no matter how nice he is...
> This relates to me trying to explain to you that Nick is a nice guy, and
> you not getting it.  So the only conclusion that I can come to, for your
> bringing it up, here in a public forum, is that you have an axe to grind
> with Nick.  I'm telling you now that I'm sick of it.  Please add to SVO
> listowner's knowledge, with your knowledge, and forget about the XR
> downpipe.

Did I mention a name?  no.  Why would you or anyone else think I was
referring to nick?  you said it not me..Steve Davis is a nice guy
too..Hell, I musta talked to him for 2 hours when i met him at a fun Ford
Weekend..doesnt mean I would buy from him.

> You have no experience, with the part in question, (Nick's XR 3" downpipe)
> and you dogmatically refuse to believe that it works, based on your own
> perceptions.  

Dave, read
where did I say the DP wont work?  its not going to help by itself is all
I am saying.  Your twisting my words around into something different. Your
making it seem like i am sayin that  a hi flow exhaust wont work on the
2.3, and I am not.

 You were wrong about it's construction.

Jus relaying what some satisfied customers told me......I didnt assume
anything.  Hell, I assumed it was full mandrel bent...

  Since I, and
> others, have one, and it works, it would seem that you are wrong about it's
> improvements, too.  If you want to buy one and attempt to disprove it, feel
> free, but I think most people are going to listen to the voices of
> experience, not perception.
and again, all I am sayin is thre are no numbers supporting its
improvement.  Are you going to say you have more proof other than it
"feels better"?  Didnt think so...and again, talkin about a 3" DP on a
stock in every other respect exhaust.

> The original thread started by my saying that, almost half of the horspower
> improvement of a free flowing exhaust, would come from the downpipe.  I
> still stand by that.

Umm, I could have sworn the thread started when someone said he was gonna
get a cat back first, and you told him no, get a DP first....and that a dp
would give just as much as cat back....

> And my changes to my car are done on my schedule and budget, Scott, but
> thanks for your opinion.
yer welcome...and same with my car, which is why I am not spending my
money on parts I doubt will work...
and you talk about me being snide...Hi pot, your black too....


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