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Re: SVO: Performance modifications bandwagon

Dave Compton wrote:

> The original thread started by my saying that, almost half of the horspower
> improvement of a free flowing exhaust, would come from the downpipe.  I
> still stand by that.

OK, so "almost" half the horsepower loss is in the downpipe...

> BTW, when the SVO went from single to dual exhaust, the backpressure was
> reduced by 50%.

And the other half was lost in the single exhaust...backpressure equals
horsepower loss.

Therefore, aftermarket downpipe plus stock cat and duals is "almost"
the same as open exhaust?  I know we're not a "mathematical proof"
kind of group, but that's the only possible conclusion that can be
made from the above combination of statements.

I'm sorry to keep this going when so many people want it to die,
but this is a perfect illustration of why either #1 or #2 or both
are wrong, or else there is no significant gain available after
putting a 3" downpipe on a stock 86 exhaust.