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Re: strange missing problem at cruise

> > uh oh,
> > 
> > My Pinto is broke again :(. When the motor is warm (after driving on the
> > interstate), it will be running great, then will start to miss a little
> > and lose power at cruise/deceleration. I can slowly give it a little gas
> > and it keeps losing rpm (even with boost). If I ease the go pedal down far
> > enough, it pops out of it and takes off. Any suggestions? I'm thinking
> > either the TFI (?) or something spark related...I don't think the FPR
> > would do this.
> Sounds similar to how my TFI problems started.  I'd mess with it...

I just ran codes and came up clean OTHER than a 41 (running lean). So it
is either running out of fuel OR an ignition miss. I will first start by
R&R'ing the FPR (for the hell of it...I have another -- plus it seems to
be vacuum related) and then move to the TFI. Anyone had luck relocating it
to the fender? I think I might IF I can find nice jumper ends.