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SVO: Q8 rules

        Ok Guys,
  I just picked up the newest issue of Turbo, and it has a full rules
listing.  Well, I could be screwed.  Rule 7 says that "vehicle and engine
must be of the same manufacture".  Will the Capri with the Ford engine
qualify?  Capri was built by Ford of Germany, right?
  Also, here's the killer.  Rule 6 states "Vehicle must have stock chassis
with OEM rearend.  Back-half conversions, tube chassis and wheel tubs are
not permitted".  OK, well, I wanted to run ladder bars but no tubs.  Will
this be allowed?  Also, by OEM rear, do they mean the rear that came in the
car, or just a factory rear for that manufacture.  If it has to be the stock
rear, I'm screwed.  The stock rear can't withstand a worked V-6, let alone a
400HP turbo 4.  And I can't afford the $800 posi unit for it either.  Will
they allow me to run an 8" rear?
  If anyone can help answer these questions, please let me know.  I really
don't want to tip them off to this car so they can "conveniently" change the
rules again, but I don't want to be disqualified either.
                                               Bug Bug