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RE: SVO: Import Drags -- European Capris?

> I loved my '71 2000 -- problem is even though the engine was German;
> the
> electrical was English -- Lucas (eeeccch!). And everthing that would
> rot on
> it -- upholstery, trim, etc. was hard to find replacements. 
> It was small, agile, and probably as light as a Pinto....and didn't
> have
> power steering. The Capri IIs were a little more refined, and the
> European
> versions were quite sophisticated themselves with their fuel-injected
> V6s
> -- lovely cars.
> You may actually have hit on something with this idea....
> Jim Dvorak
	[Mike Ray]  

	I owned an `84 British spec German built 2.8i special for a few
years while I lived in Germany. It was about 150 hp stock with a cool hi
rise looking air box intake w/ Bosch CIS injection. Lot's o fun.

	My point, good rear ends and I think it was the same 5 speed
that the Merc's have. The syncros do go quick however. They have no
Cclip on the rear axles  (I like that) which allow easy pulling of the
axles. Mine had a limited slip but I don't know if the US cars had these
(only "special" 2.8i's had them in Germany). I had a nasty habit of
turning it sideways it turns. It was fun taking it around a few laps on
Hockingheim Ring (outside Mannheim, GE), really good handling for a
factory Ford.  I couldn't keep the back behind me. Steering was
fantastic and best yet, the cars were MUCH better built than ANY US
Mustang. The dash was rattle free and took forever to disassemble
because it had a billion screws. Somewhere I have a number of a shop in
Omaha that specializes in Capris. I'll try to find their number.

	Mike   (3/4 of an `84 SVO)