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SVO: [Fwd: Overboost]

Hey guys,

Not sure if this was sent to just me or the SVO mailing list also...but
does anyone have some opinions for this guy, any help is greatly
appreciated. Just send all replies directly to him at:

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     I recently purchased a 1984 SVO from its original owner. The car is

in real nice condition with under fifty thousand miles. The owner left

the country for a while and had the car stored for several years. On his

return he found that storing the car as he had, the motor smoked badly.

He hunted around and found a local who is familiar with these cars and

hired him to do a complete engine rebuild. After the rebuild was started

the rebuilder tried on several occasions to talk the owner into modifing

the engine. On all attempts the owner declined. After the owner got the

car back it ran beautifully but, everytime he got into the turbo, it

would go into over boost and shut down. The rebuilder swears he didn't

alter the boost rate.

     Well the problem is mine now and I am looking for some help in

solving it.

     As I said, the car runs great until you get into the turbo. When it

gets into overboost, it shuts down.

     What do you think guys???


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