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SVO parts 4 sale

Hi All
   N.O.S complete 85 1/2 -86 headlight assy. including rubber ALL
hardware,& adjuster block $425.

N.O.S in box (86 full line) color & trim catalog

86 full line options catalog $50

86 Ford shop manuals $75

85 1/2 -86 Remanufactured (by ford) PE Computer still in wrapper $300
last one!

Front bumper cover (minor cuts) $375

SVO Intercooler $75

84-85 complete wiring harness $175 

spats $60 with bracket $50 without.

N.O.S console pad $200 (that`s what ford 
charged when new!)

NEW Motorsport D port head $750

Spindals $30

N.O.S wheels $275 ea.

N.O.S wheel hub caps $30 ea. 

+ shipping

Jim Dvorak please e-mail me about the 
manual you owe Curt Olvey. His car is down
& I promised you`d send him the manual
as part of our deal. I`m not sure if your email works so I had to
mention it here (sorry list).

Thanks!   Tim
P.S. I vote you keep the Int. in that capri!