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Re: K&N filters

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Matt R Carlson wrote:

> > way down to pick up my little wounded baby (hurt the
> > pinto yesterday...) in San Diego...
> > 
> What happened to the mighty pinto?

I think I finally pushed it over the edge...;)  Not bad...I put it
together March/April '95 (normal ring/bearing/hone service) and not a
hint of trouble with it since then...

Considering that I'm supposed to be "running on the ragged edge"...I'd bet
that it's lasted longer than any of the various Gurus' creations.  It's
probably got 300+ runs making 400+ horsepower AND all the street thrashing
I do on "super" unleaded (92 here)...I don't use good gas (100 unleaded)
at the street races.  The secret to my engine longevity must lie in the
300 pounds I save by not running a Merkur or SVO...;)

On my second run yesterday, I clicked second, it pulled for a second or
two then just "went south"...it was spraying TONS of out out the lower
breather hose and missing.  I guess it's time to work on Camshaft V2.0...I
think this one is good for midrange on a street car, but it was too much
for the oxide...I need wider centers...first pass was 11.30@112.9 --
pulling a nice wheelie and going nowhere fast over 6500 -- sure got out of
the hole nice ...:)

"If you wanna make an omlett...you gotta break some eggs" (or stock
pistons?)  I bet I'm the only one with enough balls to actually try
testing a one-off prototype camshaft myself...maybe I should just call up
a cam supplier and order up a big rumpety-rump thing like Nick and Steve
do -- and say I "tested" it, too.

I can see it now..."You will recieve much good fortune from your new
'Turbo Joe' camshaft...your teeth will be whiter, you will get more chicks
AND you will have increased torque, horsepower and mileage with no
increase in turbo lag" 

Anyways...it's not knocking, the oil pressure is good (50@idle cold), no
overheating at all -- I think I just messed up a piston.  I've never seen
so much oil come out of a motor that runs...it looked like a guyser...:)

It still starts and runs, but I'm not gonna be able to mess with it until
at least this weekend (unless I OD on Moutain Dew or something...) -- I
already have all the parts for another shortblock and I was gonna do it
over christmas break anyways, so it's no biggie...

I have a nice '85 core motor (140K) to mess with -- if the pistons are
good (bore is perfect), I'm gonna just machine them for my rods (extra set
of sportsmans), hone the block, do rings and bearings and go for it.  I
might even have two complete motors ready by the end of the year if this
one isn't too messed up (probably isn't). 

Better get to work...